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Counselors are an important part of our spiritual and emotional health. I have listed some ministries here that could be of help if you are in need of guidance. I’ve listed Christian counselors because I believe with all my heart that the true authority on human emotions and the best guide for help is from the authoritative Word of God.


In Touch Ministries

In Touch Ministries: P.O. Box 7900, Atlanta, GA 30357 | Ph: (800) 789-1473

I can personally testify to the tremendous help this ministry was to me in a time of need. I called and got the help I needed from God’s Word and it changed me.


Focus on the Family

Offers practical help for marriage and child-rearing. Recent magazine articles, letters from Dr. James Dobson, news, and RealAudio broadcasts.  

1-800-A-FAMILY (232-6459)
Mon – Fri: 6am – 8pm (Mountain Time)

I can also recommend Focus on the Family as I have had a family member receive counsel regarding a child and they were very helpful. The council was free. Usually, you can at least have one counseling session for free.