My Story–Sugar and Me



Effects of Sugar on Marlene A Hibbard


In the late 1980’s I owned a day care business in New York State. Snacks were required to be served at certain times of the day according to the state’s schedule. It seemed impossible to always have healthy snacks because time was limited and the hours were very long. Hiring help was very costly. So, I fed these precious little pumpkins juice, snack bars, or similar snacks containing white flour and sugar all too frequently.

I knew I was gluten and sugar intolerant, but still hadn’t licked the sugar habits. not to mention other foods were annoying my system. Due to the busy schedule in the day care, I’d snack with the kiddos even allowing myself grape juice and other commercially bottled juices. (Yes, I could have stuck to water but didn’t).

One day, I took a few after-school clients on a field trip to the Alfred Tech. library. It was an impressive old building with about two-thousand steps leading up to the huge ornate doors. Every joint in my feet, those numerous phalanges, hurt so badly I couldn’t climb those stairs with my shoes on. The kids got a kick out of me going bare foot til I got to the door of the library.

I was also forced to evaluate what was causing this pain. I knew from past experience it was probably food related. Snacking on gluttonous food with the kids, drinking sugary bottled juice had caused me numbness in the past. So, it made sense to consider that inflammation was the problem, swelling all those vessels and joints.

Bye, Bye, Sugar Pie

With the elimination of sugar from my diet, I was back on track with no medications except I did take some liver-damaging pain relievers for temporary relief.


Years later, I got careless and started having symptoms such as weakness, insomnia-causing numbness, joint pain, and finally tendonitis. I had 5 different doctors test me with x-rays, carpal tunnel testing, nerve sensitivity test or something, (who knows what else). I finally had to give up a position as a professional nanny due to numbness in my arms. I didn’t want to drop someone’s chunky 8-month-old boy.

You may be asking,  Did you forget all about your former problems? Why didn’t you just cut out sugar and stay off forever? One more effect of sugar I failed to mention is brain fog. I did forget. It took me quite a while to see all those different doctors, and it should have come to my mind it was inflammation. Doctors never seemed to consider the importance of diet in those days, yes,I know some still don’t.

I still experience the same scenario with the introduction of sugar into my system. Back pain, joints in my feet, my knees, and my sacrum and eventually it caused numbness in my extremities. I would get weak and cave during the holidays, on a cruise or road trips.

I’ve talked to people with these problems and tried to share what I had to learn the hard way. I was washing my hands in the lady’ss room at a party house and another woman was running water on her hands to try to make the pins and needles stop. I told her how I had diet related relief, but she insisted that wasn’t her problem. She said, to get any sleep she has her son put pillows under her arms and can only sleep on her back due to numbness in her arms and hands.


I’m glad I was chosen to suffer through the pain of gluten intolerance. Why? Because I am the one who is willing to share it with you. You won’t have to suffer with pain and brain fog. You can change your lifestyle and improve your quality of life.

I started this blog in the hopes of helping others find relief of diet related disease and discomfort which can be reversed with a few changes in health habits. One lady in the lady’s room didn’t listen so I took it to the internet. My sister, Helen, wouldn’t listen, she suffered with Non-Hodgkin lymphoma cancer and endured chemo off and on for over 30 years. Her doctor admitted that she probably had celiac sprue, but it’s too late to worry about gluten now, she told Helen. She also admitted, at the end of Helen’s life, the years of chemo killed all the marrow in her bones causing her death.

The association between cerliac disease (CD) and lymphoma has long been established. In 1937, Fairly and Mackie reported the association of malignant lymphom of the small  intestine with steatorrhea. *

Get to know your body and how different foods affect it. At times, I write down everything I consume. You probably get busy and forget to focus on healthy eating and exercise. Am I right? If you have inflammation it could cause brain fog and you may not have the clarity to stay focused on your eating habits. Let us help you with accountability.


Maybe we can work together and help one another. I have learned some tricks to develop new habits and to break old ones. Join me and follow our blog. Pick up your free Fun/Fitness Journal.  Use it for the next 2 weeks and see how you feel. Take a look at your list of foods you’ve eaten and compare how you feel to times when you didn’t eat, let’s say,  sugar. Then eliminate foods that cause inflammation. (see inflammaroty foods here). Contact me by going to the CONTACT page, via email or leave a comment on the Writing Services page.


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