Hideous Hibbards

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Stuart Florida 2014   ***********************************************************

Getting to know the Hibbards 

Just to help you get to know the author of Hideous Health Habits and her family, we included some pictures to show you how hideous life can be.

Bob and Marlene are the proud parents of seven children. Six grown men and one adult daughter. They have 14 grandchildren and expect another in May. They love to laugh and here’s one way their offspring make sure it happens every day. They started what they call the “sibling texts”. Just sending silly things (or pictures) to laugh at all day. Yeah, the whole family is a little crazy but lovable. If you agree, like this page.



Seemingly Hideous topics are covered in these blogs .

But what may seem like hideous health habits to some, are just the habits God intended us to apply and to teach other.

If you’ve seen the post on the squatty potty, you’ll see what I mean. It has become very popular to use a squatty pottie here in the U. S. and there are tons of videos on the topic at www.YOUTUBE.COM. It’s practiced in many countries and has been for years.

The squatting position releases the

sphincter muscle. Otherwise the waster cannot as easily excrete. 
NOTE: (Sphincter : noun
  1. a ring of muscle surrounding and serving to guard or close an opening or tube, such as the anus or the openings of the stomach.)

But it goes back long before that.  If you’re a Bible reader you’ll see that David cut a piece of King’s Saul’s robe while King Saul was relieving himself in a cave. Obviously, he didn’t have a toilet and I’ll bet he was squatting. What do you think? Hideous or not? Leave a comment.

That’s the way our bodies were made to eliminate waste. As you squat and put the weight of your body on your heels, the sphincter muscle allows the waste to pass through the rectum so that you can thoroughly eliminate keeping the bowels free of putrifying waste matter.

Try it, you’ll like it.

Leave a comment, do you think this is hideous or healthy?


Of course, one of our goals at Hideous Health Habits is to encourage healthy eating, exercise, and reaching your ideal weight. I’ve had my before picture ready for months and need an after picture so I found a way to get the weight off fast. PHOTO SHOP!












A Sugar High

Jordan, climbing the walls.





There’s no quesiton about this story.

This is a not a healthy photo but it was kind of funny.

We were all set to have a nice sunny dinner on our deck when we realized our townhome neighbor was power washing his deck. When splashing the gutters with God only knows what chemicals, the spray came over the privacy wall unto Bob and his food and the serving dishes of food, the table cloth, … UGH! Toxins, poison, screams. Hideous? Yes, or no in the comments below.




*********************************************************************************************Benjamin and Nathan received these treats, homemade fleece pants in the favorite team fabric (well, Ben’s second favorite). This story has nothing to do with health except by a stretch of the imagination. These guys sent me their measurements, but this Christmas was kind of different. I had my projects all planned then things got busy. A cruise (first time ever) came up, it would be just before Christmas but I couldn’t pass it up. So I had to rush through my sewing projects around the cruise dates. Poor excuse I know.

Mom, do you want me to mail this back for alterations? 🙂

Guess I didn’t keep track of the measurements or something. Finally mailed these two gifts to NY in January: Hilarious fit, hideous fit. His text with this picture:

Mom, do you want me to send these back for alterations. 🙂

So, Mom gave them a little amunition for those sibling’s texts, mentioned above. Basically, they are laughing at their parent’s lack of technology and other signs of getting old, but it’s all in good fun. If someone makes a lot of typing errors in a siblings text Nate, (pictured above) says, that’s a momtext.

Hey, maybe Mom could use this page as payback and post weird pictures of them when they were kids. Comment : should she or shouldn’t she?



Hannah Hibbard, Nate and Jessi’s  only girl, so far.

Hannah is now 11 years old. We have grandkids that are between 19 and 23 years old then the next one down is Hannah who is now 11. But when she was 9, she heard Grammy refer to the little kids, meaning the younger grandkids and informed me,

“Gramma, you aren’t going to be able to call me one of the little kids anymore. I”m gong to be 10 in January.”

I know she wouldn’t want this to be the only picture of her on this page so I’ll post one of her and her cousin from Uncle Trev’s and Aunt Ashley’s wedding. Yeah, as soon as I can find it.


JD, and his cousins                                                                          This isn’t hideous but sure is cute.                    Matthew, Cailyn & Will

Ari James Hibbard & daddy,Nathan.