Deep Breathing Instructions/Faith Based

Breathing/Relaxation Techniques

Lie on your back in a comfortable position with your arms by you sides and no clenched fists or teeth.  Some neck support such as a rolled up towel is good but don’t use  a large pillow. The entire back should be straight.

Breathe in as deeply as possible through you nose for 10 or 12 seconds, then hold for a couple of seconds. As you slowly exhale from the mouth, focus on any area where you feel pain. If you are not in pain, consider this. Are you a person who takes your stress out on your mouth? Do you grind your teeth, or purse your lips when you are upset? Does your jaw feel tense right now?  Most people take their stress in the mouth or abdomen. Whichever is true of you, focus on that area while you exhale. Tell those muscles to relax. Repeat five times and focus on any area you wish and imagine yourself sinking into the bed or mat.  Always perform this exercise with your eyes closed and in the dark if possible. Shut out anything you possibly can in order to stay focused on relaxing. When you begin to feel relaxed (this may take a few sessions) tell yourself, audibly, that you have a powerful God who is on your side and He gives you the excellency of His power as you trust Him. Feel His love surrounding you.

If you absolutely cannot get alone, it is possible to learn to shut out everything around you. Deep breathing can relieve you in the middle of a crowded room. Maybe someone is coming toward you who reminds you of pain you’ve suffered and you begin to tense up. Just breathe.

A Slightly Humorous Story, Here

I was approaching the counter of a business where I planned on reaming out an employee about a product that I was disgruntled with. He could tell by my approach and the look on my face what was coming. I began to speak and he said, “Deep breaths.” I totally busted up and stopped my nasty attitude, I laughed until I was sure the people behind me were wishing I would get on with my complaint. Laughing is so healthy. Try smiling when you’re angry. Just look in the mirror and smile and try to be miserable and complain. It’s in your mind. Control it. You have that gift.

Print out this post and keep it by your bed or wherever you plan to do your relaxation deep breathing. Think pleasant thoughts.

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