3 Lessons Learned from Fighting for Freedom (Part 3 of a 4 Part Series on Freedom)

Today is the celebration of the birthday of a Civil Rights Leader, so I’m posting part 3 a day earlier than usual. Why? Because it’s about FREEDOM from Bondage.

 REVIEW of Series:

#1 Lesson Learned:  Believe the Freedom Promised

#2 Lesson Learned:  Freedom Comes with a Price

Our final lesson for this series has been worth waiting for.

 Lesson #3 Freedom is Worth the Wait

You’ve heard about the ten plagues. Even if you’re unfamiliar with the Old Testament, you’ve seen pictures of the frogs in the houses of the Egyptians, the lice, locust God used to convict Pharaoh and all Egypt of their sin. Not only the enslavement of God’s people but their idolatries, worshipping Pharaoh rather than Almighty God.

These plaques of punishment took time, ten plagues.

Image credit: https://www.pinterest.com/heathermccary/bible-ot-the-ten-plagues-of-egypt/

Moses and his brother, Aaron, confronted Pharaoh many times while the Israelites suffered waiting for their promised freedom.

Did they still trust in our lesson #1, Believe the Freedom Is Coming?

Certainly, they saw our second lesson, that freedom comes with a price as their slave labor continued. With each brick they labored over with the hot sun beating on their backs, swollen from whippings, the wait must have seemed intolerable.

How could they keep believing each time they heard of Pharaoh going back on his word after each plague stopped? God would allow the frogs or lice to be eradicated because Pharaoh agreed to let the people go, then he’d break his promise again. Did anyone catch God’s people whistling while they worked? NOT! 

But God had to show Pharaoh, and the king was obstinate.

What About You? 

Do you rebel during waiting periods? Do you stop believing when the pressure is the greatest and the trial seems unbearable? One last question, do you rejoice and trust that God’s working what’s best to bring glory to His holy name?

I can remember one time, and only one, during what I consider to be the most painful trial of my life, that I did get down on my knees, and thank God for the trial because I knew He could be glorified even though it seemed like the least likely thing ever to bring glory to him. It seemed it would drag his name in the mud. It seemed it would discredit all believers and God. I’ll never forget that room, the radio station that played the song that convicted me of my need to praise him for whatever came my way, no matter the pain I would endure. I can tell you, I felt a supernatural power enabled me to feel compelled to kneel there and thank God for that pain. Some day I’ll be totally free of the memory of those circumstances. Free at last.

SInce then, people have told me God used the trial I went through to teach them endurance. Two of those people are my own offspring. God brought glory to his name by showing his power.

Longing for Victory?

I know you long for victory in your life and I’m willing to help you achieve that. I know it’s possible. I’m offering my help as I continue myself to strive to be a winner, conquering one step at a time. If we are on this earth we’ll be struggling for freedom.  For victory. It’s daily.

Jesus suffered tremendous pain and suffering at the hands of people who he came to save. He had healed people, loved them and came to free them. But in torturing and killing him they only set him free.

Christ-followers have suffered and been tortured and burned alive, leaving their children parentless, but truly they were set free by making that choice to believe and not deny his holy name.

Our wrap-up of the 3 Lessons Learned from Fighting for Freedom will be on Friday and look for your gift.

Excuse me, but how does this relate to health and fitness?

What does this have to do with health? Leave comments and tell me how it relates. From what do you need to be freed? Share with us in the footer.  What struggles are unbearable. How can I help you?

Come back on Thursday, 1/19/2017 for the wrap up of this 4 part series and don’t forget, i’ll be offering that free gift on that post.  Don’t forget to leave a comment.


   Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is based on books from medical advisors who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.

3 Lesson Learned from Fighting for Freedom (Part 2)


Lesson #1 Believe the Freedom Promise

In ancient times, there was a very special group of people who’d been displaced from their own land due to a famine. For centuries, they remained in the land of Egypt. They grew in numbers and strength to the extent that the King of Egypt feared they would take over the land. He made them his slaves forcing them to build cities for him.  The Pharaoh, or King, knew nothing of how special these people were to God.* This creator, God of the universe was their God. The true and living God of Israel. You can read all about this in the book of Exodus in the Bible.

During this time of suffering at the hand of the Egyptian task masters, a leader arose to free God’s chosen people from slavery.

You may think, Oh, they must have been thrilled, they would be free from beatings and making bricks day after day

Not quite how the story went. The leader God chose was Moses. He must have felt the people’s resistance in his bones (click here to read it from Exodus 3).

The bush burned with fire, and the bush was not consumed

God spoke to Moses from a burning bush, explained he was the God of his ancestors, Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He told Moses that he saw the cruelty with which his people were being treated. God voiced details of the future spelling out where they would worship God after they were free. This was God’s holy mountain Moses was standing on. Then he said Moses should go to Pharaoh and tell him to let the people go.

But I’m just a nobody, was Moses’ reply, not in those exact words. Why would Pharaoh or the Israelites listen to me?

God very graciously gave Moses two signs. Picture this: Moses argues with the almighty, holy, and living God.

He dared not even look at the burning bush because of God’s holiness. He hid his face in fear knowing it was God almighty speaking. Yet he didn’t trust God’s power to use a man whose self-perception was I’m just a nobody.

Solution: Believe

Excuse me, but how does this relate to health and fitness?

Believe God’s promise for freedom. We are no different than Moses in our error. We have the promise of power, victory, and God’s presence, if you’re a Christ-follower, yet many times we do just what Moses did. We question God’s ability to work with our weaknesses. I am weak but thou art strong as the hymn writer put it. Nothing is dependant on our strength alone.

So, God gave Moses a taste of his power by showing him two supernatural signs to prove God had sent him.

But Wait

This is a health blog. How does any of this relate to health and fitness? Hang on it’s coming. Apply it to your need for victory over whatever is keeping you from being healthy. We all struggle but we have a supernatural helper. Believe in His power, His promises. Ask and you shall receive. Why not ask God to free you, right now? Leave a comment if you have an opinion or question.

Come back on Tuesday, for Lesson #2. Freedom Comes with a Price

*Deuteronomy 7:6 For you are a people holy to the Lord your God. The Lord your God has chosen you out of all the peoples on the face of the earth, to be His people, his treasured posession. NIV


Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is based on books from medical advisors who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.


3 Lessons Learned From Fighting for Freedom (Part I of a 4 Part Series)

There Is a Way Out

by Marlene A Hibbard

Maybe it’s an abusive situation. A destructive relationship. It’s similar to some form of slavery, isn’t it?

Abuse comes in many forms, physical, verbal, psychological. Some types are harder to recognize.

Many a young woman has had a counselor advise, “Hey, you don’t have to hang with people who insist on mistreating you. There’s a way out.”

How could I ignore that truth?  She might think, how gullable could I have been. I thought this was life. People suck and I should deal.

Yes, I was that young woman. I was young and there seemed no way out, but those words gave me freedom. I began to think of ways I could stop the bullying, cut myself off from people who thought ridiculing me would make them look like a star comedian.

You’ve all been bullied. But are you blind to your current bondage? Another kind, almost invisible to the naked eye. Why do I ask that?

I ask because one day I came to see that someone else was laughing at my failure. An unseen enemy that wanted me to be defeated in whatever way he could trick me. I thought I was strong because of past lessons learned but this enemy is more subtle, than any human, he goes about like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour, distracting me, luring me to form habits of my own which lead to addiction. Bondage to unhealthy foods.

My eating habits developed partly from ignorance. And that’s why I’m dedicated to helping others learn what’s best for the body we have been blessed with.

You and I Are Not Alone

That’s a little bit of my story and I’ll bet it’s somewhat like yours. It’s not just about us, though. There’s another group of people we need to study to learn some lessons about freedom.

We can learn so much from this crowd and their leader. It’s worth your while to read this whole series to the end. We’ll study together how this impacts you and me as well as what we can do to free ourselves from any enslaving habits we’ve developed. Notice: the word do means take action.

Freedom is coming. Come back again to see 3 lessons learned from this impressive true story. Feel free again. There is a way out. But only if you recognize that you are in bondage. Like my younger self, who thought I had to cope with everyone’s garbage, you may not see the trap you are wearing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  At the end of this 4-part series there will be a Free Gift     for all of you. And more inspiration to succeed.


Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is based on books from medical advisors who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.

Cross Fit Madison Heights for Local Workouts


Local Entrepreneur Teaches Cross Fit in Madison Heights, VA. 

Interview Conducted by Marlene A Hibbard


Lifetime Dream Becomes a Reality


Today I want to present to you an interview with a local friend, Lona Jackson, Licensed Cross Fit Trainer.

She will tell us the story of how her dream became a reality in 2016, right in Madison Heights, VA, U.S.A., population 11,285.

Lona Jackson: This was always a passion and a dream, but you know as passions and dreams come and go you never think it’s going to become a reality.  Because you know how many obstacles there will be and all the behind-the-scenes work that’s involved.

I didn’t know any of the business side, Lona Jackson tells the interviewer. I didn’t know software, taxes, you know. I still know less than necessary but I’m learning as I go.

Interviewer: Did God put people in your way that had talents you could use.

Lona: Everybody who knew what I didn’t know, God sent my way. It was like He was saying, ‘Here’s a friend, she’s an expert in this area.

I had a friend help me, she said, I don’t want anything; I just want to help you. Another came to me and said she could build a website for me, she did a Facebook page. She researched software for me.

With me working two full-time jobs, I don’t have time… I get up at 4:30 in the morning, I’m here at 6:00 a. m.


Note to Reader: You Think YOU’RE Busy

When Lona says, “I didn’t have time for building websites, creating a Facebook page, or any of the things essential to starting a business”, she can prove she’s not using hyperbole.


She coaches/teaches Cross Fit until 8:00 a. m. Then she runs home (90 seconds away) and takes a quick shower to be at school, at 8:30, where she teaches physical education.  “So, okay,” she says, “this is my triangle. Cross Fit, Phys Ed., Home.

Marlene: Were you born here?

Lona: Cincinnati, Ohio

My brother came here on a basketball scholarship. My brother and I are very close. I just wanted to be near him.

Marlene: So how did you get here to Madison Heights?

Lona: Liberty University. When I graduated and I was not planning to stay in Madison Height.

I met my husband, who was from Madison Heights, but I was not staying in Madison Heights. Oh, no, I was going home to Cincinnati. I had two interviews lined up in Cincinnati public schools.

God had a different plan, we’ve been married 33 years now.  Hindsight, raising kids in this area, very easy, it’s a lot different than raising kids in Cincinnati, that would be a little bit more difficult.

God had a different plan. So, we’ve been married 33 years now and rearing kids in Madison Heights, very easy.

I’ve worked-out all my life, taught physical, education. People ask me, Aren’t you tired. Marlene, not really.

Marlene: I’d guess the physical activity keeps your blood circulating and inspire more willingness to keep moving. I find that movement generates more energy. 


Lona Jackson: Now, do I have my days? Absolutely, the stress that comes along with this, I’ve never encountered before because I’ve never had a business and business bills to pay.

Do I worry? Not at all. I had one guy come in here and tell me, “if you don’t have a business plan, and you don’t know what is coming in…”

I said, “Sir, no disrespect to you, I just don’t worry about those things because of Who brought me to this, Who I trust more than anybody is my Jesus, who I answer to, that’s my Jesus. He’s not going to leave me hanging.”

Now don’t get me wrong, Marlene, I’m going to educate myself and I’m going to be smart about it and all that good stuff. But as far as worrying about

If you don’t get two more clients signed up this month, you’re gonna… I don’t go there. I trust Him totally. I don’t go there. This was all God.

Lona points to a small section where several kettle bells are located in the huge gym.

Most Cross Fit gyms are this big, see this orange line. That’s what most buildings are this big. I’m not kidding you. That’s not a lie. That’s why they call them Cross-fit Boxes. Because they look like a box.

I actually looked at a small building down here and my friends said, “Yeah, that’s what we get.”

It’s a Cross-fit trainer’s dream to have a warehouse. It just is. This is not me, this is not Lona Jackson,

Marlene : Yes, I remember the first time I saw it, I was so impressed with the size of your gym..

Lona: This is not me, this is Jesus. Lona Jackson can’t do this. He wants me here.

It usually takes about a year, 9 months to a year, it took 3 weeks. I thought, well, maybe we’ll just have this barbell gym. I met Jimmy, who I rent from, he’s a Christian and we went outside and

prayed.  We talked for almost 2 hours.

This is not me, this is Jesus. I walked in here and I couldn’t breathe. It usually takes 1 year to get it a businesss like this going but it was 3 weeks. I wasn’t even certified for a level one when I got this facility.

Marlene: That’s a level in your training for Cross-fit.

Lona: Yes, you have to be a level one to be a trainer. So we were just going to start as Barbell Fitness. I still had to take the test and I’ll be honest with you it was pretty hard, the test.

Marlene : And that’s when I met you, you were training girls in the morning before school, and I met some of them. And some of them were stories that were very inspiring because I’ve been in the school and gained a burden for the health of our nation, let’s put it that way. And I was glad to see that you were working with the girls, here.

Lona: I started in my basement, my husband made my first pull – up bar, and that rope was tied to a tree in my yard. That’s how we started. We have a tennis court so I put tires on the court, I had just about everything in here in my basement. Yeah, that’s my first pull-up. My husband made that pull-up bar. Had a couple bars in my basement, a couple bumpers. He made that step up box.

(Lona pointed to the yellow step up box you saw in the video above.)


Marlene: Lona, what’s your goal for this gym in 5 years, where do you see this going?

Lona: Oh, I see some of these students starting another gym in Nelson County, because there’s nothing there. I see people sharing Jesus in this same way through fitness training.

Marlene: Is there anything you’d like to tell people of our community about what Cross Fit can do for them?

Lona: Yes, It’s for everybody. Anybody can do this. Of course, you’re not going to start out lifting what I do, I’ve been doing this for 20 years. We start with 14 year olds, some gyms start children, but we have one lady that is 70 years old. I want you to meet her, Marlene. I told her, “You can outrun a 23 year old.” She doesn’t believe me.

Marlene: Lona, you’re saying that age is not really a factor. You start clients where they are, give them only what they can handle.  I’d like to pass out some of your cards and invite people to get in on this opportunity.


5 Steps of Proper Digestion (Each Essential)

Every step in the digestive process is important for the optimal nutrition to your system. If not properly digested to become nourishment it turns into poison to your cells and tissues. If food is not assimilated by the cells and tissue, at least part of the nutrition is wasted.

When does digestion start?


The eye appeal, the pleasant aroma of antisipated flavors stimulate the digestive juices needed for digestion. If the food is tastefully displayed, the eyes see the plate of table and the anticipation and the nose stimulate the digestive glands into action, starting with the secretion of the parotid and other salivary glands in the mouth. At this very moment my son is cooking bacon in the kitchen and I am writing this, not even in the same room. I can’t see the food but my salivary glands are being activated by the smell of bacon. The digestive process has begun. I’m not going to be finishing this blog until I’ve had at least one piece of bacon. I’ll tell you more about digestion tomorrow. (Smile)

Pixabay Image 731422

Homeostasis & Part II of Healthy Holiday Eating Hints

CC BY-NC by MrAnathema

CC BY-NC by MrAnathema

What on earth does prepare our body for holiday eating? Attempts vary from stuffing to starving onesself before the big feast. Does either of these methods sound healthy to you? Honestly, I haven’t tried them so I won’t go there.

Not a good idea to stuff yourself even with good nutritious foods. This only puts a strain on the digestive system.

But since I’ve wanted to share some information on homeostasis, I am spinning this into our Part II of hints for healthy holiday eating. I’ll spin if I want to cover up my mistake of offering a third hint on healthy holiday eating. Forgive me just this once because this topic could make a huge difference for you.

Homeostasis Balance Prevents Disease

Kris Carr, author of many books on cancer, proactively researched her disease and hindered her cancer from progressing by keeping her body in balance. I’m sure she’s not alone as she has been teaching her methods for over 13 years.

So, what does it mean to keep your body in balance?

Ph balance changed her overall well-being and it can change yours as well. Her research and that of The Truth About Cancer can help all of us to fight off disease and reverse it and that includes cancer. Most people consider cancer to be a death sentence. But research is the best defense and that’s what we will share with you.

pH Balance 

homeostasis-7-638The balance between alkaline and acid is a serious necessity for optimal health. This balance effects every cell in our bodies and almost everything around us.

The pH scale measures how acidic or alkaline a substance is and ranges from 0-14. Seven is neutral. Below 7 becomes increasingly acidic, above 7 increasingly alkaline.¹

Slightly acid bowel, skin and vagina can help to keep unfriendly bacteria away. Saliva is more alkaline, but urine is usually more acidic, especially in the morning. But acid or alkaline are not necessarily bad or good. You just need to keep a healthy balance.


I’ve used the strip for which you can measure the pH balance in our hot tub and showed it to a nurse to confirm my pH balance was good. But for more precise method you can order a kit from the following address.²

If you are concerned about or have been diagnosed with cancer, you will want to be sure your blood Ph measures slightly alkaline so a more accurate test would be in order. Per Kris Carr’s research, that should be between 7.365 and 7.45. She adds, in the above cited article that our bodies are programmed to maintain this range no matter what, since even the slightest dip or rise in pH can have seriously dangerous consequences.homeostasis-2-638

She covers this topic in all her books.

If you’ve been aware of Hideous Health Habits articles and this blog, you know we emphasize the importance of eating habits. The foods you eat have a definite effect on the acidic-alkaline balance in your body.

So, next time, let’s talk about the foods that will help you keep balanced and healthy. Which foods are high in alkaline content, which are highly acidic? Do you know?

What do you know about candida? Is there a correlation to pH balance (potential hydrogen)?


NOTE: Resources for this blog include:

¹ Crazy Sexy Cancer Tips by Kris Carr, http://kriscarr.com/blog/ph-balance-alkaline-foods/

Nancy Appleton,PhD., Santa Monica, CA,  ©1996, Lick the Sugar Habit, p. 243.

²send your name, address w/ apt #, street, city, state, zip to: Nancy Appleton, Ph. D, PO Box 3083, Santa Monica, CA 90403 or email : riters@ix.netcom.com


Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is based on books from medical advisors who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.


Helpful Hints for Healthy Holiday Eating

Part I of Helpful Hints for Healthy Holiday Eating


family-dinner-at-tableWhen I was in the Weight Watchers Program, they used to say one taste of that dessert is really all you need. Just savor the flavor in your mouth and leave the rest.

I found that could work sometimes but you know that one taste stimulates the dopamine and arouses your desire for more, more, more,  and more for that sweetness. *

You are all about solutions for this season which is known for overeating and you know the aftertaste of regret.

Solution #1. Plan Ahead

  1. Prepare your mind
  2. Prepare an accountability partner
  3. Prepare your body.

1. Prepare your mind:

with this quote from N. W. Walker’spure-and

Overeating to fill a stomach with more than it is intended to hold for digestive purposes, means stuffing it unduly. Overloading the stomach overtakes all the functions of the body and shortens life. Did you know that the normal capacity of the average stomach is equivalent to about one quart? Overeating the right kind of foods, even in correct combinations, overworks all the organs of the body. Eat only enough food to be comfortable. Don’t think that a stuffed stomach is well-fed.

Better far a mite on hunger after a meal than indigestion.  

Read this quote daily throughout the holiday season, after 30 days of it, you’ll probably have it memorized. Let it get ingrained into your brain to change your thinking about the temporary pleasure the taste buds experience and think about long, disease-free life.

2. Prepare an accountability Partner

Who cares? Is there someone who would care enough to meekly and kindly help you to do the right thing? Not someone who says, “don’t be silly your not overweight” but someone who knows the importance of healthy eating? Maybe you will be with them on those huge dinner or smorgasbord days and they could give you a sign.



This image (taken from Lottie L. Riekehof’s Talk to the Deaf, illustrates the sign for hungry.   It can be a reminder to eat only when you are hungry or not to keep eating when you are already satisfied. You  can feel good instead of lethargic and sluggish, you can have energy to take the kids outdoors or to the play room and have some fun. (Let the men do the dishes, 🙂 giggle, giggle.

Ask your accountability person to make a sign when the dishes are being passed a second time, or when you get up to go to the buffet. If there’s no one physically present who can help, ask someone to text you and let you know they are thinking of you.

WARNING: Never allow anyone to embarrass you by reminding you in front of others or without your request to do so. That demonstrates a lack of respect on their part and injures not only your efforts but your relationship with that person.

Choose a sensitive person if this is a touchy topic for you. Or just remind yourself with a mental picture of this above image.

Here’s a description of the sign:

HUNGRY–Place the “C” hand (the thumb and four fingers are shaped like  the letter “C”) just below the throat, palm facing in, and draw it down.

Next time Part TWO of Helpful Hints for Healthy Holiday Eating

Prepare Your Body “See” you then.


Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is based on books from medical advisors who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.



Bible Gives Natural Cure for Cancer (Passes Through Blood Brain Barrier)

CC BY-NC-ND by Katy Wrathall

CC BY-NC-ND by Katy Wrathall

You have read or heard about the  wise men who traveled to see the baby born “on the road”. The child who is the reason for this coming season. You may also know that one of the gifts they brought was Frankincense. Have you ever wondered why? Take a guess if you will.

I believe it was because of the health benefits of this oil. It is healing, as you discover by reading this short quote below. Not only healing but preventative, as was myrrh. Imagine being born in a barn. I’d be so glad for protection from disease. And we can be just as glad today for it’s protection.

Essential Oils include Frankincense: Frankincense is shown to pass through the blood brain barrier unlike chemo.

arthriItis,: inflammation of the joints

colitis: inflammation of the colon

itis denotes diseases characterized by inflammation.

Frankincense quote from CureJoy newsletter. http://www.curejoy.com/content/frankincense-prevents-cures-cancer/


Frankincense, commonly used in traditional medicine, has been found to be effective in treating cancers of the brain, breast, colon, pancreas and stomach. It closes down the nucleus of a cancerous cell, preventing it from reproducing. Frankincense can be consumed orally, intravenously, and/or applied topically – and as a supplement to chemotherapy.

Frankincense is an aromatic gum resin obtained from an African tree (Boswellia family of trees) and burnt as incense. The entire species of Boswellia is commonly known as Frankincence.

Click this link to see even more uses of Frankincense oil. http://www.curejoy.com/content/frankincense-prevents-cures-cancer/

Essential oils are available in most health food stores or from independent consultants and on the internet. If you would like the name of a consultant. I have a friend who distributes for Young Living.  Here’s a link to her website


GMO News Tips and Links

Here’s a quick tip of the day with GMO news and links to download the perfect shoppers guide. You want to protect you and your family, don’t you? Hideous Health Habits wants to help. Leave a comment and tell us what you think. If you don’t see a comments box in the sidebar you can go to our ABOUT page and scroll down to leave a comment.

Following is a portion of an article from  FRIENDS OF THE EARTH. You can see the full article at FOE.ORG 

The “Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology” provides information on:

Which GMO 2.0 products are in stores now or on their way;

Concerns about GMOs 2.0, including a lack of safety assessment and labeling, possible risks to human health and the environmental and negative impacts on small farmers;

What consumers can do to avoid GMOs 2.0, such as choosing organic food.

View and download the shopper’s guides

Shopper’s Guide to Synthetic Biology

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