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Brain Function Power Sapper — Toxic Environment (and First of 3 Solutions)

Do you have:

  • frequent headaches?
  • migraines?
  • mild continual congestion and respiratory viruses?
  • sinus problems?

These symptoms could be from various substances, even your diet, but one immediate and pressing solution is to check the air you breathe.

If you work in an environment where toxic chemicals are present, you must change your environment right away. These toxins can cause debilitating disease, personality changes, and even death.

“Toxins that hurt mitochondrial respiration even a little bit, have no place in our homes, in our food, in our coffee, or in our lives.”14

Change your work environment if necessary or find an immediate solution to eliminate the contamination. Even after you change your environment, increase oxygen with proper breathing and exercise especially in fresh air. Visit for instructions on deep breathing. If you don’t believe your work environment is causing you damage, yet you have the symptoms above, be safe, do crowd funding, if necessary, to pay for brain imaging. Your brain is worth any necessary effort.

Next time discover Brain Function Sapper #2.



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Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is from medical advisers who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.

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