3 Tips to Avoid Healthy Diet Derailment

By Marlene A Hbbard

Author of Hideous Health Habits

According to weight loss experts who have thoroughly researched the matter, there are three top reasons that your carefully-planned diet can get derailed:


  1. You get tired of the diet.

All the planning and preparation involved in dieting can wear you out.


  1. You can’t eat your comfort foods.         

Unless you plan a time (or it’s included in your diet plan) to eat foods you really love now and then, you won’t be excited about sticking to the diet – no matter how much weight you’re losing.



  1. The diet plan is too restrictive.

Salads and water isn’t too appetizing on a constant basis. Even if your diet is more permissive about a variety of food, you may feel deprived.


You know yourself better than anyone. It’s important to dig deep within yourself before you even choose or begin a diet to find out what your diet deal breakers are.


You may be defeated before you begin a diet if you don’t give some thought to it, so plan to make it successful by addressing the issues. For example, if you travel a lot, you probably don’t want a diet plan where a great deal of preparation and cooking is involved.


You’ll need to know how to eat out and which foods on the menus help you follow your diet without feeling deprived. Some diets fail because people can’t resist going back to their old patterns of eating.


You might do well for a time, losing weight, exercising and enjoying better health and more energy. You feel so good that you can’t imagine going back to your old ways. Diet backslides happen when you’re stressed, out of time, on vacation or a myriad of other situations.


Stopping for fast food when you don’t have time to cook a healthy dinner or eating at your favorite Mexican restaurant where they serve the best chips and salsa can creep back into your lifestyle before you even know it’s happening.


Since habits – especially eating habits – are repeated continuously on a subconscious level, it’s important that you eat on a conscious level. You know what your defeating habits are and when you decide to defeat them on a conscious level, you can succeed.


If those cravings do get the best of you, think about substituting a food that’s healthier, but gives you the same satisfaction. For example, if you’re craving ice cream, have some low-calorie substitutes such as fudgsicles in the freezer and opt for that instead.


You’ll also want to keep away from places where you can be tempted. Your favorite restaurant that features your favorite dessert or high-calorie entré could set you up to return to your old habits.


Marlene Hibbard is not a medical adviser. The content of the blog is intended for information only. Content is from medical advisers who believe in natural prevention and cures. Hibbard includes resources of these professionals in each blog. Readers may also click on the word RESOURCES below the banner.  Some advice comes from Hibbard’s personal experience. This site is not intended to be a substitute for getting professional help but encourages readers to seek professional help.



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