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Hey there, in past blogs, I’ve posted a link to 3 healthy diets that I recommend, but this is the beginning of a series on weight loss, recommending 5 different diets, deterents to your sucess, nutritiontips, and so much more. I’m still investigating the KETO die and will include that in another blog when I feel my research is complete. 


Winning the battle of your weight loss struggles and becoming healthy requires determination to stick to a weight loss plan that works for you. So many diets are structured for you to lose – not weight – but the battle itself.

To really be successful, lots of planning and thinking needs to come before you begin to meet your goals. The plan must be nutritional and provide your body with nutrients and vitamins you need to avoid future health problems.


You’ll also need an exercise plan, along with the diet, to keep your metabolism purring and so you have the energy needed to meet your weight loss goals. Any plan should be considered carefully and your goals should be attainable.

If you have a lot of weight to lose, it’s best to divide your weight loss goals into small increments. Reaching those minor goals will provide the motivation you need to keep going with the ultimate goals in mind.


The 5 Best Diet Programs – Choose the Best One for You

Diet plans can be fads that come and go. Many sound incredible, touting that you can lose 10 pounds in 10 days or even more outrageous claims. But, there are five particular plans that have lasted over time and continue to help people lose weight and keep it off.

You may have tried one of these programs and it didn’t work for you. The likely reason for the failure is that you didn’t choose the right one for you. If you just dive in to a diet plan without thought or preparation, failure is more apt to happen.

But, before you decide on one, give some thought to your lifestyle and what will work for you. If you travel a great deal, that should be taken into consideration. You may have to eat at restaurants, so you’ll need a diet plan that makes it easy to choose from the menus. See Lyn Terry’s

The top 5 diet plans aren’t fly-by-night plans that help you lose weight at first and when you can’t stand the restrictions and deprivation anymore, you go back to your old ways of eating and you gain even more weight.

The top 5 diet plans help you become and remain healthy with your weight loss goals intact.

Here they are: 

1. Mediterranean

Based on what researchers have found to be the healthiest population in the world – the Mediterranean diet is a plan that will give you food for your health and also food to take care of cravings. You can even have wine on this plan.

2. Paleo

The Paleo diet is based on the food our cave-dwelling ancestors lived on. Think of all the foods that might have been available for cavemen or stone-age people. Berries, plant-based food and meats and fish constituted the diet that our ancestors lived on. These are the foods that do me the most good, in other words, no pain in my joints, no bloating, and I feel energetic and happy. The only sugar I can tolerate is from fruit.  

3. South Beach

The South Beach diet plan has been around for years and offers a chance to reboot your metabolism and give you more energy by concentrating on a diet of high protein and low carbohydrates.

4. The Whole 30        

This is promoted in a couple of books by Melissa and Dallas Hartwig. The Whole 30, in my opinion is the healthiest, most all inclusive of specific needs presented in those of us who have done ourselves harm for all the years we’ve been eating the SAD, standard American diet. Their book, It Starts With Food, has a section regarding those with food allergies and suggests a 90-day elimination plan which I found very enlightening. It showed me what foods are causing inflammation in my body. Inflammation is the major cause of almost every disease and chronic condition. Their book, The Whole 30, is widely available online and in bookstores but much of the material is also available free online. See my friend’s testimony of her experience:

5. Low-Carb

Carbohydrates found in grains and some vegetables and fruits are very limited and protein and fat are emphasized. One huge benefit of the low-carb diet plan is that it lowers the risk for type-2 diabetes.

Any of these diets will help you lose weight if you follow them closely. Choose one that will fit in best to your lifestyle and weight loss goals so you won’t be tempted to derail the diet plan and go back to old, unhealthy habits.

Need help with following that plan see: 

Tomorrow’s blog

3 Tips to Avoid Diet Derailment


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