Chammomile Benefits: Quick Tip of the Day


     “Derived from certain members of the Asteraceae family of plants,  the flowers of this plant can be dried and prepared for many different herbal and natural remedies and poultices, as well as its most popular  form  – tea. ” ¹

The plant mostly provides similar effects though varying strength exist in different parts of the world. Beneficial flavonoids and anti-oxidants which have significant effects on your health. Due to the

unpredictable concentration or serving size, caution is advised for pregnant women or people using prescribed medications with which the tea can possibly interact.  

Because of the calming effect of the plant, the antioxidants present can be used to calm and aid in healing skin irritations such as eczema, or inflammation of various sorts.  

The phenolic compound from chamomile wards off infection by strengthening the immune system.

One of the most well-known benefit of the tea is it’s ability to promote restful sleep. I can feel the sleepiness coming on within fifteen minutes of finishing a cup of chamomile tea. One cup with one tea bag isn’t strong enough to keep me from staying awake but a peaceful atmosphere of reading a pleasant book, or listening to soft music is the perfect combination with this delightful tea.  

Speaking of delightful, this brew can also relieve menstrual cramps. Every benefit of these leaves will have you saying: “Thank you, God, for creating this plant.” 




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